Hello everyone,

I'm going to try and carry on with the theme of short posts. It helps me get to bed earlier. Last night I fell asleep with the laptop still on my bed, just after finishing my post. That's not good.

Today has been a good day. It was one of those bright, cold, wintery days when your toes feel like they're going to drop off and you have to stamp to keep them warm. First thing I did this morning was go out to see the new harvester they're trialling. Paul must have been in a good mood, because he offered me a ride up in the cab. We're not really supposed to do this, but it's totally safe in there, probably safer than outside. Also, as it's a demonstration model, they kind of expect people to get in and have a look. I've got a video from inside the cab, but it's quite long, so I'll upload it later when I have more time. Here's one from the outside for the meantime:

I've also been out with one of our conservation foresters (Rachel) today, looking for these archaeological banks and marking them out for when the machines come to fell the trees. The idea is to keep the machines off them, to retain the original shape and integrity, but it's not always that easy. Some of these banks have subsided to almost nothing and the rest of the landscape is so flat, you could think any little bump is an important feature. The banks are left over from when this area was used to keep thousands of rabbits for food in 'Warrens', and were built to mark land ownership and provide shelter for the bunnys.

In other news, today I bought a capo for my guitar. It's nice to have the car fixed again, it makes doing the shopping and going to town so much easier, though having the break down has given me a reason to ride my bike again.

Be well,

Luke. x
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  1. What model is the Red Beast?!? keep the posts coming Mr Luka.


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