Snowing again

Hello all,

I've decided to make my entries a bit more concise. Here we go.

This morning took a while to get going as I was still pretty knackered after my last shift of a week of bar work last night. I had to tidy up the Harvesting stock shed, which is where they keep all the signs, gloves, marking paint, tools etc. That was a pretty easy job, just had to fill my van with all the crap and take it to the skip.

After that I spent about an hour filling out and emailing round the updated list of Ops 1 forms. These are documents produced whenever anyone wants to carry out a project, like landscaping, upgrading a track, tree felling or whatever. Each department (conservation, recreation, archaeology, wildlife etc.) has an opportunity to look at the proposals and highlight any concerns they may have. This slows the whole process of getting jobs done, but makes damaging conservation or heritage interests less likely. It also takes into practical aspects like the condition of roads.

Once the document has been checked and 'signed-off' by all the relevant departments, it will be checked by the district forester and operations can begin. It is then used as a reference by the project manager while the work is going on, keeping together things like site diaries and health and safety checks. Enthralling, you may say, but it's a good job to do when the weather's a bit minging. It was trying to snow all morning, but not settling. At least in the office I can make cups of tea.

I also went over to see the wildlife rangers today in the deer larder. They were all having a meeting about 10 o'clock, and I went in to ask them about coming out stalking with them. I've arranged to go out with them for a couple of days around the 24th. The best thing about working here is getting to see and try working with lots of different departments.

I've also spent quite a bit of time in the workshops today, where our mechanics live, and done a bit of maintenance to my van. It's starting to feel the abuse it's been getting I think, they do work pretty hard. I had to reshape one of my wheels with a hammer and cold chisel.

I also spent part of the day acting as a 'buddy' for one of our workers, John, as he was tidying up a couple of logs with his chainsaw. The way the Health and Safety works now, you can't do anything like that on your own in case you hurt yourself. That meant I had to drive about half and hour, just to stay with him for 5 minutes work. Bonkers, eh?

Well, I hope that was interesting and a bit easier to read. I know I babble on but I feel I should try and explain everything as otherwise people don't know what I'm talking about.

Comments are always welcome to try and help me make this better.

Ta-ra, Luke x

Listening to: Doves – Winter Hill (Acoustic Version) on Spotify

These guys are playing here this Summer, me and James are going to be working backstage! 


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