Bacon and eggs

Hello again everyone,

This time I'm really going to stick to my word and make it snappy. It's been trying to snow again all day today, this time it's been settling though. Went out first thing to put out some signs out notifying people one of our Countryside Rights of Way (CROW) open access is being closed off while work goes on there. We had some really nice sunshine which is brilliant to work in, with the snow dusted all around it was really pretty.

You can see in this picture logs in the foreground ready for collection, and the ones in the back laid out flat for measurement. We only do this for a particular reason, in this case a lot of the logs had been cut too short and we had to mark which were O.K.

After this went back to workshops and picked up some parts to take out to the new Valmet harvester they're trying out. I'll have to try and get a video of that tomorrow. I've been asked to work up a site plan for our next harvesting site, which has got some medieval banks of archaeological interest. I'll be going to look at that in the morning with Rachel, our very own time-team lady.

In other news, I've fixed my car. It was making a horrible squeaking noise from the water pump, which can be quite serious if it goes, so I took it all to bits in the snow and put a new one in, with a little help from the lads in the workshop. Oooh, nuts.

Byes x


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