Squirrel pops

Hello All,

I've been given the task of finding tracks which have been churned up by harvesting operations, thanks to the large machines inextricably involved with the same. This involves carting around and marking on a map the places I think need attention, for the benefit of our tractor driver Malcolm.

This weekend is the leaving do for one of our woodland officers Dave, who is moving to Somerset, and the birthday of a lad called Adam. At least I will have some socialising opportunities for once!! I'm also in the process of building a shave horse for woodworking: I'll show you when it's done.

Now, spot the squirrel. Prizes for the winner.

Love you,

night night x


  1. I can see it!!! It's on that tree thing...

    What do I win?

  2. ah, you have to point to it.

    and if you get it right, you win a fudge bar from the shop. just send me your aadreess.

  3. I am pointing to it and live at 19 St Crispins Close, London.

    Thank you in advance for my fudge.


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