Money, ain't it funny?

Just a quickie tonight, friends, to keep you updated with all the twists and turns a life of solitude brings.

I made a video today of 'Kingy' loading up a lorry with big logs in the snow:

When you see him get out of the cab near the beginning, he's checking out the logs for imperfections and picks them out as he's loading up. These will go later as 'reds' - logs of a lower quality and value. I advise you don't watch the whole length of the video, as it may give you cataracts from boredom. Apologies, I don't know how to edit.

I've also been marking out a 100m zone around a newt pond, which needs special consideration when harvesting, and placing a cordon around some remains of a building I found when I was surveying a site. It's probably not that old, but could be pre-war so we're protecting it so our Archaeologists can have a look at it at some point in the future and see if it's interesting. I've been coming up with all sorts of theories of what it is, I think it's an old coppice worker's house as I found the remains of a hearth with some charred hazel shells in it, and there's an old hazel stool outside.

Here's a pic, but you can't really glean much from it, just looks like a lump:

Well, I'm off to bed now folks. Got to get up at 5.30a.m. to go out deer stalking with one of our Wildlife Rangers, a Mr. Gunn (I know, right!?). Looking forward to it, may get cold if it's still snowing though. Good thing I have a bottomless supply of thermals. Look forward to my bed and hot water bottle.



  1. Why do none of your thermals have bottoms? is it do with your Hemorrhoid Cream?

  2. tee-hee! it makes application all the much easier...


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