The Reloscope

Hello, all.

Here's a silly little video I made while I was at work yesterday. I thought it would be much easier to explain the principles behind a Reloscope if I showed it in use. I should of probably mentioned there is a set length and diameter for the chain and stick at the end. I suppose it works by counting the amount of trees of a certain size relative to that - hence Reloscope.

Me using the relo-scope
(click on the link above to the YouTube vid.)

It's very muddy at the moment down here:

This is what happens after the forwarder drives up and down a track, loaded with logs, a lot of times when it's raining. They haven't really heard of 'brash mats' down here, which are layers of brushwood you take from the tops of the trees when they're felled, and lay across the tracks to protect them from erosion.

During the Summer it is really hot and dry here, so they never have to use them. I just think they find it a bit hard to get into the habit of it... but they do get some terrible ruts.

I'm just going to put that up for now, today has been pretty eventful. I'm not going to say any more than that, I'm afraid, at the moment.

Ta-ta for now.

listening to - Great Lives - Henry V on Radio 4


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