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Hello all,

good to be back in action again. I'm sure most of you won't even have had time to read my last entry, as it was rather lengthy. Sorry about that, I just got a bit carried away.

Not much has happened today, apart from some people from Valmet coming down to look at updating our machinery. Valmet make forestry machines; harvesters and forwarders for processing timber. We are currently looking at updating our machines, which are coming up to about 4 years old. That may not sound like much, but these machines get worked incredibly hard all the time, as whenever they're stood still they're not paying for themselves. When they cost upwards of quarter of a million pounds, it's quite important to have them making money! 

A Valmet forwarder at the Barony forestry show, with some strange man playing in it.

The machines we run at the the moment are Timberjack, they are the green ones. The people from Valmet will be trying very hard to convince us we should be changing over to them when they come back with some test models for our operators to try out - but it's that old dogs, new tricks conundrum. Today they were just looking at the type and size of timber we are felling, so they can decide what size of machine to bring down with them to try out.

We'll also be looking at machines from Ponsse and Timberjack, we have already had one of the next-generation forwarders from Timberjack, complete with self-levelling cab, pie-heater and timed heating so it's defrosted by the time the operator gets there to start work in the morning. Unfortunately I've lost those pictures, so here are the Valmet people looking at big butts instead:

Yes, that is Santa on the left. They're looking at the big Corsican pine logs. That's about all for today, I tried to be concise. The title refers to the fact that it was one of those days when it wasn't really raining, but moisture just seems to collect in little droplets on your face, especially in the old beard.

Well, I'm off to lock up the yard now, as it's my week. I can't imagine much is going to happen at work this week, as it's the last one before Christmas, but I'll keep you updated.

Ta-ta for now.

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  1. This 'next generation forwarder', complete with pie-heater... Does it actually heat up pies? And can us mere mortals get our hands on one, or must I be an honourable forester with access to millions?

  2. well, I'm sure you could buy one if you had the cash! but I think it would be cheaper and easier just to buy an oven and fit it in the back of a 4x4 if you want off-road pie heating capabilities...


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