Build me up, Buttercup.

Wah wah wee wah! What an amazing day. At one point I had to empty half a pint of rain out of my hood because it was sploshing around behind my head.

Got woeken up by James with a carrot cake for breakfast. I didn't eat the cake for breakfast, though. I ate museli. Wish I had now, though. Obviously I am getting too old. Someone also left these braces in my house. Addressed to me. I think everyone should own some.

Luke = Happy

Thank you everyone who sent birthday wishes and especially my family who sent an interesting assortment of cards, including Ferraris and golden retrievers... I can't work out what the theme was.

I found a good Donkey.

I want one.

I don't really want to be writing a long thing today, I just thought I'd share a conversation I had with one of my colleagues today. He was pissed off because cyclists kept riding past even though we had put signs up to warn them.

I jokingly suggested maybe people would pay more attention to us if we carried guns. He then said;

"Yeah, that's a good idea, we could do a bit of ethnic cleansing. Get rid of all the pikeys and travellers and that."

Hmm. Yeah, well, he's a really nice guy but it just shows you that the views of some of the people round here are... dated, to say the least. I should be careful what I say, because they could end up reading this. Love you. x

Aaaanyway, going to go to bed soon, got a long drive back up to Newcastle tomorrow for party weekend. Well, not just partying, going up to Newton for some inspiration and gathering of minds for creating a brand new summer event for next year, maybe... it's all in the pipelines at the mo.

Just wanted to post this picture. How many people does it take to fell a tree?

 And apparently, it's nearly Christmas.

Doesn't it just warm your heart?
And brings a small amount of vomit to the back of your throat.

Night - night, God Bless you folks.


  1. Arrrr. I didn't know Santa came in a hot air baloon.


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