PONSSE! Yeah, that's you... please read on to find out why I called you a Ponsse.

Good Evening All,

Sorry it's been such a long while since the last post. Things such as Christmas seemed to get in the way of me doing anything other than eating, drinking and sledging. Ah well, I survived, despite a near death experience with the brakes on my car failing and ploughing into a hedge, and am hear to delight your brain with tales of great enterprise from the Forest of Thet.

... Except I have not been doing an awful lot at work lately. The snow seemed to stop lots of people from coming in, while I had no excuse as I live only a few seconds from the office. The few supervisors that were left insisted that we don't go out to drive in the forest unless absolutely necessary, although I did manage to escape to do a bit of interesting off-roading in my van and walk about a bit.

Back at the office, they've had me doing paperwork - updating people's files for Risk Assessments which have hardly changed at all. It's a boring job, but someone's got to do it (i.e. the Student). I've got a meeting with my boss later this week to discuss upcoming projects I'll be working on, such as planning a harvesting site from scratch, and re-writing a contract for one of the companies we use. More on that should follow...

Today I got out to our harvesting site, where the team are trialling a new forwarder from manufacturers Ponsse (above, and yes - really). Unfortunately, they sent down a model which is a bit too small for our needs, so they can't really tell if it would be up for the job. Still, it's a nice looking bit of kit and I got to ride in the cab today while Paul was loading it:

I wanted to put this photo in too, just because I really like it. That's Paul on the left, taking the photo:

In other news, I got a new job as a barman at the community club in our village... it's the first bar job I've ever had! I'm really looking forward to it; I had a trial the other day and the locals got me really hammered, but tomorrow is my first proper shift. I'm looking forward to ringing the bell and shouting "LAST ORDERS". Well, I'm not looking forward to that bit really, but I will enjoy it. I must learn how to draw pictures in a pint of Guinness.

That's all for now, campers.

Lotsa Love xx

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  1. Wow, barman luke! This I have to see. Congratulations.

  2. I think you should invite my good friend Johnny, from just over the border, to come and drink in the bar.

    He has a lovely blog too: http://johnnynorfolk.blogspot.com/


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