Funny old world...

 Well, it's been an interesting couple of days. The snow has melted away like the Christmas holidays, leaving just fine memories and a load of filth and mess everywhere. This time of year sometimes fills me with a certain kind of despondency as I know I have to go back to work and it's ages 'til the next holiday, but also the joyful anticipation of the spring just around the corner.

I've managed to get my work van stuck in the woods twice in the last two days. Although neither time was on purpose, I've found it makes for quite a good excuse for getting out of work. The first time, yesterday, I got stuck down a little track and had to dig myself out of the mud. On reversing out of the hole, I went over a big branch and tore the fuel hose from the bottom of my van, spilling diesel everywhere. I didn't realise this until I got to the bottom of the hill, an then just reconnected the pipe and drove it home.

Workshops gave me a replacement van for today while they checked everything over, which I proceeded to get stuck on a massive rut in the road about half a mile from where I was yesterday. And they say you learn from you mistakes? Well, I obviously don't...

Other than that, we had a job next to an underground gas pipeline on Monday. We had a representative from the National Grid come out and talk to us about the risks involved of working near a pipeline and showed us a video of a massive explosion in Belgium.

Here's a video of the harvester working:

You can see Rodney's not doing anything with the timber, just knocking it down. That's because he's going to process it into logs afterwards, when he's driving further away from the pipeline.

I hereby promise to make all future posts short and sweet, as you must be getting sick of them by  now, if anyone's still reading this! Time for bed, got another early start tomorrow.


  1. wow, is that your local sunrise? it doesn't look like that in london.

  2. I have to say Mr. Hemmings, that I've learnt more about forestry from your blog than I have in a whole three years of doing a sort-of-forestry degree at Bangor.Cheers!

    Hope your well,

    Badger (from the trip to Germany)


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