Got Wood

Servus, everyone!

This week, I have been to visit a small sawmill down in the green and leafy lushness of Hay-on-Wye!

They provide quality European native hardwoods and speciality conifers to joiners, builders, conservators, ship builders and all sorts of other folk who work with wood for a living. The Duchy of Cornwall (Prince Charles' Estate) provides the mill with logs from their estate, which the sawmill cuts into products which are then used to restore and maintain historic properties owned by the Royal Family. Whitney Sawmills pride themselves on the quality of their product, and also the ability to help customers with their orders due to an expert knowledge of forestry & an extensive background in furniture making.

It is important to use locally produced timber where possible, as this reduces the environmental impact of the logs, but also adds to the local economy and provides employment to people in management, contracting and haulage. The idea of a 'locally produced' product has become more fashionable in recent years, and this is something I intend to explore in more detail in future posts.

On to the fun stuff, while I was there, I got busy playing with this massive machine used for moving huge 'green' oak logs around - these logs can weigh well over 5 tons each and it's pretty important you get the balancing point right!

It kind of reminds me of my childhood favourite robot 'Razer' from the old BBC TV series Robot Wars!

Razer - bad***.
I'm going to be uploading a video from inside the cab of the loader to my YouTube channel, , so make sure you head over there and hit 'subscribe' to get notified when it's finished uploading! I'll also be uploading all sorts of Forestry related videos to the channel, so watch this space...

Bye for now.


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