An update on black holes

Hello all,

Just a quick note really to say my laptop is broken, hence the lack of posts on the blog recently. I'm trying to get it fixed, but need some CD I don't have and really am not that pro-active when it comes to these matters.

Anyway, will let you know a few things I've been doing.

Richard W who was my sort of supervisor has moved to Kielder, so I have taken on a lot of his jobs, as I said before. This means i've been pretty busy with looking after chipping sites etc.

I also went on a course last week with Woodland Heritage - "From Woodland to Workshop" which was very useful and taught me a lot about growing hardwoods and selling them for construction, joinery, furniture making and so on. This was an area that hasn't really been covered at Uni so filled a gap in my knowledge. More about that with pictures soon.

Grace has been down this week, and we packed a lot in. Went to see Gogol Bordello live in Norwich the other night, which was the sweatiest, noiseiest, most raucous and awesome gig I've been to in a while, and almost got lost on the way back to the hotel by walking away from the city centre. Also went up to the coast and walked on the beach and had a look around our Arboretum which is looking particularly lovely with all the bluebells at the minute. I'll have to ask Grace if I can have some of her pictures.

Nearly finished the shave horse now, thanks to Grace's patience, so I'll get the pictures of that up too. Working at the beer & cider festival in the village this weekend so I'm going to be fairly busy, but now I know I can use the work computer to update the blog I'll get pictures up next week.

Sorry for all the words, it's been a while. Would be really nice to hear from some of you -

Lots of Love, Luke

Listening to - Nothing at the moment 'cos I'm at work
(but in General - Sigh no More by Mumford and Sons)


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